In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Not for Thee.” When my ex and I broke up, I wasn’t quite sure how to resume with my normal life. One day, when I realized he had moved on and I yet haven’t, I told myself “Learn to be a scumbag. Do the things that others would call you a bitch for doing, but do them because they will ultimately teach you how to let go. Go out and don’t give a fuck how it affects him. Learn to take boys to the same restaurants he would take you on dates, sit on the same table if you must, and enjoy your time only focusing on yourself and the person you’re with. Create new memories everywhere. Keep your old memories sacred but never let them hold an opinion on your present ones.” I wouldn’t give anyone else that advice, but learning not to fixate on his feelings  and his interpretation on me was the first practical step I took to forgetting him for good.