It’s been some time –

Since I’ve written anything for myself. Too many times I have touched this keyboard with the primary intention of pleasing my audience; I forgot what it meant to write out of sheer desire to release the kept up words that strangled my verbal-cords unless I discharged them through alphabetical expression. Strangely, I’m staring at this screen realizing I have no idea what I want to say, other than it has been too long. I started this blog deciding that I would only use it so it can expose my writing in some sense; however, I feel like that is such a waste of terminology and contemplation. I should not fixate my thoughts on a scale of one to brilliant and it should definitely not just exist for the pleasures of others or for their critiquing on how they felt about the things I’ve written. Every word I have plastered into this black hole that is the e-biosphere are my symbolic opinions that I have not cherished enough to merely present even if only is for myself. So, here’s to turning a new page – or post. Like most geniuses, I’ll be speaking to myself more often.


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